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Employment Opportunities

Job title: Production Manager
Salary: $120,931.00
Work location: 280 Duffy Ave, Hicksville, NY
Requirements: Masters Degree in Bio-Engineering

Job duties:
Utilize specialized knowledge and skills in business and industrial management as well as in bioengineering to manage the company’s Production Department. Direct supervision of all personnel in the Production team for the biotech production facility for day-to-day operations, including mentoring, coaching, and task assignment relating to an ATP swab consumable production in a cleanroom environment. Ensure the whole production process is in adherence to the company’s policies and product standards. Examine samples of raw products and direct the testing during processing. Perform verification of production output according to specifications for healthcare space. Oversee and support new equipment and process installation. Facilitate and approve employee training. Lead and engage the Production team in continuous improvement activities. Support internal and external audits and represent the Production team when required. Must be able to professionally interact with all levels of the organization.

This position requires at least a master’s degree in Business Administration, Industrial Management, Bioengineering, or any related field, plus at least 24 months of prior work experience at the same production manager or any related position such as Bio Engineer andIndustrial Engineer. Prior work experience must be involved in the biotechindustry

Apply methods: Please send the resume to the following address
Empire Bio Diagnostics Inc
280 Duffy Ave, Hicksville, NY, 11801